Traditionally the role of design is seen as providing appealing expression and form for objects through the consideration of function and performance. However, we have begun to recognize that as information technology systems -such as the computer- become more and more widely used, design that focuses only on the form of objects no longer satisfies the needs of the user.
At softdevice we focus not only on these designs but also on the cognitive relationship between humans and objects. We specialize in human interface design as a means to generate user centered interaction that is more intuitive, both somatically and mentally. Therefore, in contrast with traditional design, interface design can be described as designing the experience rather than the object.
Specifically, we design operation processes and interaction rules, information architecture, and software and hardware interfaces, to make various services, systems and equipment easier to understand, more user-friendly and more attractive.
Within the increasingly ubiquitous computing context, we aim to manifest the ideal design, through a human-centered approach and advanced technology, to ensure the optimal user experience.


  • One of the few freelance interface design consultancies of professional information design in Japan.
  • Experience, technology, infrastructure and expertise to generate interaction design across a range of user platforms.
  • Complete spectrum of services available from planning and consultancy to design and production/ implementation.
  • Prototype design utilizing interactive evaluation.
  • Operation processes and information architecture are designed from a user-centric approach, while achieving high quality in the visual design.
  • Our diverse portfolio extends from UI design to the visualization of future directions.
  • Our consulting service is available for the development of human resources and building infrastructure.
  • Being a 30-member organization, our staff has a variety of experience in a range of fields including computer engineering and programming, which means we can offer solutions from the design stage through to implementation (front end and back end).
  • With our extranet portal we offer a secure method of sharing information and collaborative work.

Design Process


Consultation with clients
Project planning requires information regarding

– Target user
– Market research
– New technology


Research and Analysis
– Analyze user functionality
– Evaluate existing products
– Research development in related fields
– Create scenarios


Basic Design
– Create the design concept
– Design the basic structure
– Develop the method of operation and basic interaction design
– Design the basic screens and screen sequence


Detailed Design
– Design individual screens
– Design the specific operating procedure
– Design the information flow of the individual screens
– Design the individual interaction


Element Design
– Design Icons
– Design terminology
– Design animation
– Design sounds
– Design graphics
– Design the style guide

In addition to this sequential process, design procedures include:

  • a spiral process using prototype design and usability evaluation
  • a spiral process using prototype design and usability evaluation
  • the utilization of an intranet and extranet to share information and output throughout the process
  • designing systems for the client company that develop human resources to better manage and build upon the new designs, including other departments


Corporate Name softdevice inc.
41 Iwagakakiuchi-cho, Kamigamo, Kita-ku,
Kyoto, 603-8053, Japan
Access Map
Tel +81-75-705-2119
Fax +81-75-705-2129
Capital ¥ 10,000,000
Number of Employees 34 members
Corporate History 1984 Softdevice is established – Principal work is Product Design
1992 Softdevice becomes incorporated – Achieves critical mass in the Human Interface Design industry
2002 Relocates to the current office in Kitayama, Kyoto
Executive Staff Akira Hatta (Chief Executive Officer)
Takeshi Shimomura (Director, IA/UX)
Yuuichi Kageyama (Director, Graphic)
Masaya Miyanami (Director,IA/Web)
Outside Company Auditor Kenichi Takahashi
Services – Human Interface Design
– Information Design
– System Planning
Banking Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Shijo Branch)

Category of Works

Information Equipment Home Appliances

  • Future Concepts
  • Interaction Design
  • Hardware Sketches and Prototyping
  • Screen Design
  • Parts Design
  • Design Guidelines
  • Usability Testing

Information Systems and Services

  • Service and System Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Authoring and Coding
  • Design Guidelines
  • Usability and Accesibility Testing


  • Demonstrations for exhibitions and events
  • New application ideas and development of new technologies
  • Interaction design consulting and education of designers
  • User research and observation



  • Good Design Award – Gold Award,etc.
  • iF Communication Design Award
  • Kids Design Award – Encouragement Award / Special Award
  • German Design Award
  • Japan Media Arts Festival – Jury Selections



  • CES
  • IFA
  • ICFF
  • Milan Salone
  • Shanghai World Expo
  • Tokyo Motor Show
  • Shanghai Motor Show