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Panasonic Prime Smash! 2018



We were in charge of the full renewal of Panasonic’s math-education game “Prime Smash!”.

“Prime Smash!” is an application that Softdevice developed and designed in 2011, which evolved from the popular Sosu hockey, prime number attraction at “RiSuPia”, the Panasonic Digital Network Museum’s hands-on encounter with science and mathematics. While playing you learn about the mysterious “prime numbers”, also called the “atoms of mathematics”. If the flying number is a prime number, touch it to collect. When a non-prime number appears, slide a finger across the screen to break it apart in its component numbers. This simple game has beautiful graphics and naturally strengthens power of calculation.

In this renewal, based on the positive prior collaboration , we created a new colorful and modern design accompanied by sound effects composed and created by multimedia artist Baiyon.

In addition to free distribution on the AppStore, it will be permanently displayed at “RiSuPia” Tokyo.

Panasonic Corporation
Panasonic Prime Smash! Official Site

Baiyon (Sound Design)